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Below are some testimonies from past puppy families.   Finding a reputable breeder and one that you 'connect' with is a difficult task, especially over the Internet.  I hope that these testimonies speak to you about who I am not only as a breeder, but as people.   Please feel free to contact anyone below who has their information available, and chat with them about me.  If their information is not available, please contact me.  I would love for you to contact them so they can share their experience with you. 
Kairos X Judah  Feb. 2007
I had been considering a Goldendoodle for several years, and after losing my 14-year-old Scottish Terrier, I began looking for a Goldendoodle in earnest.  I spent many hours on the Internet, researching the breed and breeders. I was surprised by the vast differences in breeders using the Internet.  One site featured pictures of what appeared to be a warehouse full of cages – not what I was after – while others required purchasing a puppy a year in advance.  I finally narrowed down my search to a handful of breeders across the US and after speaking with Jodi initially, and then Crissy, I knew I had found what I was looking for in a breeder.  Fortunately for me, Kairos had a six-week-old litter and there were a few pups still available.

Through several phone calls and numerous email correspondences I learned a great deal about the breeding program at Living Streams. I was impressed with the medical screening of the sire and dam for genetic disorders, the care in breeding, the meticulous attention to every, important detail and perhaps what impressed me most was knowing that these pups were being raised by a family, in their home and not in some isolated cage.  

Crissy, was incredibly patient with my constant email and phone call questions. In fact she encouraged me to ask questions. I also appreciated her interest in what kind of home I could provide for one of her “doods.”  I was kept informed all along the way with pictures and information and finally after the temperament testing Crissy suggested a match made in heaven. 

I drove from Salt Lake City to Great Falls to pick up Cooper and was greeted by a very happy gang of 11 puppies and Kairos. Cooper came home with me already doggie-door trained and after two weeks home seems to be house broken. Amazing!

I would recommend Living Streams to anyone looking for a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle. No one could be more nervous about making the right decision about a breeder than I was.  I am glad I did my research and then found Living Streams, Crissy, and Cooper.

Kim Blackett
Salt Lake City, UT
[email protected]  801-910-2796

Kairos X Judah  Feb. 2007 
If you are looking for a Goldendoodle breeder and you are reading this letter, let me assure you that you couldn't get better than Living Streams Goldendoodles.  I personally asked Crissy if I could write a testimonial letter, because I feel so strongly about recommending them. When we were first searching for a new family member, I looked at every Goldendoodle breeder website in the US and Canada, and I contacted several. Some of them never bothered to get back to me, while others made me feel uncomfortable. When I finally found Living Streams and saw a picture of Kairos's litter, David, my 13 year old son and I knew we had found the right place.  Every puppy in the picture was beyond adorable, so David immediately sent Crissy an e-mail.  He copied and pasted the picture we had seen and wrote, "I WANT ONE OF THESE!" and ask her to call us immediately. Within about fifteen minutes, Crissy had returned his e-mail and called us back.  She was so sweet and understanding about our excitement. She answered all our questions and more.  I was very impressed with the testing that was done on the parents and the fact that the puppies were being raised in their home. 

    That was only the beginning of what I feel is a lifelong friendship.  Crissy is one of the most caring and dedicated people I have ever known.  (Though we have never met in person, I consider her a friend.)  She always promptly answered my many e-mails, sometimes several a day, for the four weeks that we waited for the puppies to be ready. She was always sensitive, patient and well informed. After the personality testing, she picked out what I think was and is the perfect dog for us...our Oscar. I was so nervous about him being shipped, but when we picked him up at the airport he was clean and happy with no "accidents" in his crate. 

    Oscar is the sweetest, cutest dog in the world. He loves to play fetch with my son, and loves to cuddle with me while I watch TV. By his third night with us, he slept from 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM and has done so every night since.  He can sit, lie down and shake paw. I don't know who gets more kisses...him or us.  We go for long walks in the park where he is famous with the regulars.  Everyone who meets him says "I want a dog like that".  They all say he looks like a stuffed animal and some say he looks like a lion cub!  He loves to ride in the car with us (he has his own little seat belt that he doesn't mind at all).  Whenever I drop off one of my kids, he is so concerned that I am leaving them behind. 

    We've had Oscar for almost eight weeks now.  He seems to adore everyone in the family equally and we can't imagine life without him.  Crissy has been there for us all along.  I have many questions and she always promptly answers them.  I send her pictures of his progress and she shares pictures of his siblings.  I feel so fortunate to have found Crissy and Living Streams Goldendoodles, and I believe that Oscar and our family were meant to find one another. If you have any questions about your future "baby", please feel free to contact me at [email protected]  I wish you all the best in your search and hope that you will be as happy with your choice as we are.

Winnie Hiller

Reiche X Lincoln 2015
Hi Crissy

Luke just aced his CGC test this evening. He is an amazing boy and I love him beyond words. We were in this class with 6 other dogs. Luke was the youngest and smallest in the class. Two of the other dogs were short haired collies and their mom shows them in obedience classes in large dog shows. He truly was the best and most well behaved dog there. He passed each test like a rock star. He works off leash like he is glued to my side. He sits and holds and stays even when I am out of sight. When I call him he rockets over to me and sits immediately on my left side. He is beyond smart. I adore him! 

Luke and I spend countless hours together mostly just hanging out. We walk together every day anywhere from 4-10 miles each day. I do a lot of volunteer work at my church (I had a house painting business for many years) and have been steadily repainting the church. I can be at the church painting for 8 hours at a stretch and Luke hangs out and behaves so well. He is a favorite of everyone. He goes to services and sits perfectly quietly for 2 hours. I was working him off leash in the mall in GF the other day while I was in town. He rides the escalator and sits and stays as I walk way out of his sight up the mall. He is a definite show stopper but mostly he is my best friend. 

A friend of mine graduated in the animal science program from Carroll College last year and helped me with his initial puppy class training. I am working toward getting him certified as a service dog....he will be a demo dog in a training program we hope to implement in the next few years. He will always only be my dog! I've talked with the instructor who is doing the certifications we are working toward and she and I both agree that Luke is more suited as a service dog than a therapy dog. He is a little reluctant to warm immediately up to strangers. He definitely knows who mom is and keeps a close eye on me at all times. He even made an appearance in court last summer and sat in the witness box for 15 munites and never moved. 

I would love for you to be able to see him sometime and see the great things he can do. You would be so proud of him! I sure am! I really feel that God had a hand in my husband and I changing our mind at the very last munite and picking Luke instead of boy #?, who we had been looking at for 7 weeks! ... and that Luke was still available...and, that you were so gracious about letting us change our minds. He is a wonderful gift and we adore him! I'll send some recent photos I've taken so you can see how he looks. He went to the horse races in GF with me last summer...he literally goes everywhere I go and is absolutely well behaved. He walks along in stores so close to a shopping cart I have to be careful not to run over his toes. He sits perfectly still while we look at things or check out. He goes in restaurants and lies down very still under the table while we eat...he tries to scavenge spilled food between the door and table if we don't keep our eyes open but if he picks up something before we tell him to leave it, he immediately "drops it" when we tell him to. I had him out at the facility of the lady who does the certification for therapy and CGC, etc. We let him play in her arena with her dog, where she trains agility classes. Without ever having seen a ladder or tent he followed her dog perfectly first try over those obstacles. He and I will start learning Rally and Agility in a couple weeks. I don't care if I ever compete...I just love doing things with Luke. There could never be another dog like him. He is a literal God send in our mind.

Hopefully some day you will be able to see Luke and see how special he is. He is a true Rock Star

Deb and Jim Killpack

If you would like to contact Deb you can email or call her: [email protected]      406-431-3478 

I haven't written for a long time! Luke and I have been busy. I can't remember what we had done when last I of this may be things you already know. Last winter Luke and I took CGC and passed with flying colors. We went on to do therapy dog...which Luke tolerated for me because he is at heart not really a social boy. We went on to do a Rally class with dogs that had worked with the trainer Adele Delp, who teaches owners and dogs from all over the country during the summers at Yellowstone Dog Camp. He was the star of her Raley class. Hands Down. Going in he and I knew nothing about what rally was about but we like working together and he is so tuned into me that we went through every move, every class with or without a leash, wit absolut perfect moves. He is stuck to my side. Luke is stuck to my side day in and day out...and nights too. He sleeps so close to me in bed some nights I'm not sure there is room for me in the bed, yet he is secure enough to stay home alone when I have to go somewhere without him. He just lays down somewhere in the house and waits for me to come back.

After doing Rally I asked Adele if she would work with Luke and I and do his testing to certify him a full fledge service dog. She said "That would be VERY DIFFICULT because I don't pass many dogs". I told her that was fair but we would like to try. She ran us through tests that were amazing and we did things that I had no idea whether Luke would manage. He did EVERYTHING I asked amazingly. We went to Murdochs during their grand opening and had to walk through ducks and chickens and kids and treats and balloons and spilled dog food and treats that Adele had put all over the place. He had to sit, off leash while I vanished, and stay where I sat him until I came back and called him. He had to go to restaurants and go under tables and never move. He had to go to the hospital and be placed by the nurses station and stay there and not move while I vanished for 3 munites and never move. He had to ride busses. He rode in elevators. He had to pick up objects from tables or under furniture or wherever I asked them to be picked up from and bring them to me and hold them until I took them from him. Hair brushes, pill bottles, wet wash clothes, clothes, my phone, glasses, keys, I can't even remember all the things Luke will pick up. If something accidentally drops from my pocket like a hat or glove while I'm walking, Luke has it and gives it to me. Seriously, people almost cry when they watch him work. At the end of the testing Adele told me Luke is better behaved than her dogs.

Luke is the smartest most amazing dog I have ever known. He does everything with joy and devotion. He has been allowed in air bnb's where NO DOGS are allowed. I have people lined up for miles who would joyfully take him should anything ever happen to me. I love this dog beyond reason. My life is joyful thanks to him. 

Last winter I decided to become a Red Cross/FEMA disaster relief volunteer. Luke attended all the meetings and classes to date with me. He is well loved at all the meetings. He attends church with me...same thing. I decided last winter to also become a Yoga instructor. He traveled to Salida CO with me for the month of May for some of my studies, and, just walking the streets with him I met so many new friends that I am still in touch with...thanks to Luke. He is adorable and everyone wants to meet and pet him. He shops with me and stays inches from shopping carts stopping and going when I do.

In April I was coming home from visiting with my cousins. It was a Sunday night at 10 pm. I was staying in the garage because the house was still under construction and there is a studio in the garage. I backed the car up to the garage and hit the hatch button on the dash to open the back. I had my keys and phone in my hand. Luke stays in the car until I take his leash and invite him out. I had just put the keys in the door lock when Luke went nuts. I turned around to find a huge guy hopped on meth and drunk 4 feet away from me. He was asking for a tire iron to break into the camper on the new still unused camper! I managed to grab Luke up and get inside before he hurt me. Had it not been for Luke I'm not sure I would still be around. This guy proceeded to smash my camper 4200.00 worth with a bowling ball size Boulder and then proceed across the street when he saw my attorney neighbor going out to her car to get her work computer. He shouted "I'm coming for you next b****" at her and proceeded to demolish her Subaru before police arrived and arrested him. He was taken to jail where he still is. He had jumped bail and was from Butte. He had 2 prior felonies but was back on the streets. He is looking at 8 years prison sentence this time. I credit Luke with saving my life. He is a Wonder Dog and definitely my hero. This story made TV and radio and the newspapers. There must have been 12 police cars that showed up that night. 

I can't tell you what Luke has meant to my life. Everyone he bestows love on that he takes into his pack is touched by miracles. He changes the lives of those he chooses to love. It is like he heals heartaches in people and brings back to them courage to move forward in hard times. Some of the stories are personal and not totally mine to share but I've seen a couple people despondent with life for a couple hard things that have happened to them and Luke takes them into his pack and crawls up on their lap and glues himself to them and I've seen hearts open. There really aren't words to paint the true picture of the love he gives. He makes people feel beloved...and most especially me. He is an amazing boy. I would love it if you could see him sometime and see him work. You would be so proud and impressed! If I'm ever in Great Falls and you have a munite I would love to have you meet him. I am so blessed that he is part of my life.

Deb Killpack


I've been meaning to write you and tell you how much we adore having Seamus. He is an absolutely hilarious personality, but such a sweetheart too. Every morning, I wake up to his little head popping up over the side of the bed wanting to play. He thoroughly enjoys doggy daycare and everybody there loves him. We could not be happier with having him! We are hoping to eventually get him trained in as a therapy dog so my husband can take him to work in the rehabilitation floor of the hospital.  My cell phone is 406-781-4505