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~PayPal Checkout~


When you place a deposit for a litter, it is non-transferable and non refundable.  I will transfer your deposit to another one of my litters if there is not a puppy for you in the litter you specified, 
or if you choose to switch litters.

All prices reflect Paypal fees

Most of my puppies are placed by using the Volhard Temperament Test discussed in the book: The Art of Raising a Puppy by: The Monks of New Skete. I administer this test once puppies are 7 weeks old. (There are a few times in a small litter or mini litter that temperament testing will not take place)

Families are not allowed to 'pick out' their puppy.

After the test has been completed on all puppies and scored accordingly, I narrow down the choices for each family to 2-3 puppies. I then discuss with each family the 2-3 puppies that would make the best match in temperament and coat for each family on our reservation list.

I know by the time I do the temperament test the needs and wish list of the families on my reservation list.  I work with them to place the proper puppy in each home. 

I have had amazing success using this method and look forward to placing a puppy in your home!

Before purchasing a crate or health certificate please consult with me first. These are only for puppies that are flying commercially not with a pet nanny!

(Snuggle puppy can be purchased without consult)
                         *HEALTH CERTIFICATE
                        *SNUGGLE PUPPY 

Your deposit can be moved from litter to litter. However, if after a year, I have received no contact from the depositer, the deposit expires and a new one will need to be placed to adopt a puppy.