For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the Lord.  Proverbs 8:35


Thank you for your interest in my GHP. You will most likely have questions after reading this description, if you are still interested and you think that you qualify for my program please let me know what questions you have and I’d be happy to chat with you. When we do chat, I’ll go into more detail about things so that you fully understand.

I ask $500.00 for our GHP puppies, however I do work with my families individually and that amount at times is adjusted. I ask for a $500.00 deposit to reserve a puppy, which will be a female and will be pick of the litter. I will match her temperament with your family needs and desires as well as mine in my breeding program after temperament testing is done at 7 weeks of age.

You will adopt one of my puppies, however we co-own her until the contract is fulfilled. The contract allows me -- Montana Goldendoodles -- full size litters from the female. The female is your responsibility, you are her family and her forever home and accept the financial responsibilities excluding things that are directly related to breeding….ie…genetic testing. When she comes into her first heat cycle I need to be notified immediately. She may be in heat between 14-28 days and will need to be watched closely so other males do not breed her. It may take between 6-12 months for her first heat cycle. She will not be bred on her first cycle. Once her first cycle is over and a few months pass depending on her age I will have her genetic testing completed.  
Females can come into heat every 6 months, however they range from 6-12 months.

On the first day of the next heat cycle I need to be notified by you….very important! She will come to me for breeding, whether natural or AI and there may be travel involved to get her to a stud, I will need your help getting her to other studs in other towns or back to GF for AI.

After breeding she goes back to her family again until right before puppies are due (roughly 8 weeks). She will return to me for whelping and stay until puppies have gone to their new homes (again roughly 8 weeks). Of course, I will schedule visits for you to visit her during that time.

Once all puppies have been sold and gone to their forever homes I will pay the guardian family a lease fee of $300.00 to help compensate for dealing with heat cycles, driving to vet appts etc and for missing their dog for a couple of months while she is with her puppies at my house.

Once the contract is complete (after about 5 full size litters and she can be spayed (at your expense) and retired from the breeding program.

I appreciate all of my GHP families and stay in close contact with them. I know how loved their 4-legged family member is to them and how missed she is during her visit at my home. If you feel this is something you would like to talk to me about please do not hesitate to contact me. The important part of our GHP is that our families must be within a few hours of driving distance Great Falls. I need families to commit to helping get her to her to vet appts for genetic testing etc., breeding whether in GF or elsewhere, getting her to my house for whelping etc. So, depending on the commitment of the families determines the distance between us.

Thank you again for your interest in our Guardian Home Program. I hope to hear from you soon!

Many blessings in your search for a 4-legged family member!

Most of my puppies are placed by using the Volhard Temperament Test discussed in the book: The Art of Raising a Puppy by: The Monks of New Skete. I administer this test once puppies are 7 weeks old. (There are a few times in a small litter or mini litter that temperament testing will not take place)

Families are not allowed to 'pick out' their puppy.

After the test has been completed on all puppies and scored accordingly, I narrow down the choices for each family to a couple of puppies. I then discuss with each family the puppies that would make the best match in temperament and coat for each family on my reservation list.

I know by the time I do the temperament test the needs and wish list for the families on my reservation list. I work with them to place the proper puppy in each home. 

I have had amazing success using this method and look forward to placing a puppy in your home!

If you fill the final reservation for a litter, you by no means are getting what is 'left over.' In the process of temperament testing, I keep in mind every family and the needs and wish list of each while making selections.