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I understand that as you search for a puppy, price is certainly a factor.  Know that I in NO way support puppy mills and they most often times are offering puppies at very low prices.  On the other hand, there may be breeders who are asking a large amount of money for their puppies, or back yard breeders undercutting reputable breeders and both are not investing the care and time required to raise a healthy and happy puppy!   I absolutely love what I do and am fully committed to the efforts it takes to raise the best puppies I possibly can.  Along with researching doodles, breeding, genetic testing, etc., I spend an enormous amount of time and much effort into their nutrition and socialization before they go to their new homes.  My commitment is obvious in the quality puppy that I breed and raise.  

Here are a few differences of the quality you receive from Montana Goldendoodles:

*Moms and Dads are fed a high quality dog food of Life's Abundance and NuVet Supplements.  Health is my utmost concern and I strive to feed the best feed as possible.

*Puppies are hand raised with an abundance of daily attention and love, interaction, handling, socializing and tons of kisses!  Beds are kept clean so puppies learn to go potty on papers and eventually outside, not on their beds!

*For the first 10 days of life, I use the Early Neurological Stimulation method

*Puppies at 4-5 weeks old are learning to go potty outside using a puppy door.  Once they go to homes there are many puppies that have few accidents inside their new house if you have a doggy door! 

*Nail clipper training and multi-daily individual handling time along with a bath and blow dry will make going to the groomer a titch easier as it won't be the first experience with grooming!

*Socializing with noises, outside, inside, vacuums, lawn mowing, children, many surfaces etc. etc.  I incorporate techniques from The Monks of New Skete and Puppy Culture into my socialization.  Many puppies will sleep almost through the night within the first week or so.

*Basic commands are started and when puppies go home they come to my come command.

I am fully committed to the work it takes to raise the best possible puppy for you!  This is a very time consuming job, but it is also very rewarding, and I stand behind my puppies 100%!!

Please NOTE:  Due to the nature of my income, please be patient with any refunds necessary.  The BREEDER reserves the right to refund or reimburse any monies owed to the BUYER after the next litter has sold.

A non-refundable $500.00 deposit will reserve a puppy


I will only hold a puppy with a deposit received.

Doodles are a very poplar breed and reservations fill quickly!

Deposit reservations are in order received.  I do believe in matching a puppy temperament to family type.  Final puppy matches will be announced after temperament testing is completed at 7 weeks of age!  Please see below for more info on          temperament testing. 

I reserve the right of 2 picks from each litter for imporvement of my breeding program. 
Steps to take to reserve your puppy

1. Fill out application
2. You will be contacted after I receive and  review your application
3. Place deposit after contacted

What you will receive with your puppy:

Birth announcement and weekly contact including information, pictures, sometimes videos

Full course of de-wormer every two weeks starting at 3weeks and first set of shots

Socialization with  "The Art of Raising a Puppy"  and "Puppy Culture"

Crate training started

Puppy door/potty training started.

Come command started

Character assessment through temperament testing.

Instruction placing first order of Life's Abundance, and LA orNuVet supplement

Two year health guarantee upon signing and returning contract within 10 days of receiving puppy

Lifelong support

​Inside puppy packet when you receive puppy:

*Record of vaccination and
de-wormer to take to first vet visit

*Welcome letter

*Temperament testing results

*Puppy toy and blanket with littermates smell

*Treats and shampoo samples

*Snuggle puppy if you ordered

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."  
1 Corinthians 13:13

Most of my puppies are placed by using the Volhard Temperament Test discussed in the book: The Art of Raising a Puppy by: The Monks of New Skete.  I administer this test once puppies are 7 weeks old. (There are a few times in a small litter or mini litter that temperament testing will not take place)

Families are not allowed to 'pick out' their puppy.

After the test has been completed on all puppies and scored accordingly, I narrow down the choices for each family to 2-3 puppies.  I then discuss with each family the 2-3 puppies that would make the best match in temperament and coat for each family on my reservation list.

I know by the time I do the temperament test the needs and wish list for the families on my reservation list.  I work with them to place the proper puppy in each home. 

I have had amazing success using this method and I look forward to placing a puppy in your home!