Puppy page 1

...in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28
Montana Goldendoodles & Labradoodles
~Puppy Page 1~

Montana - goldendoodle mom
Eli - goldendoodle dad
Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodles

35-46 pounds
reds, apricots
Born May 27th
Home July 18-19th
8 boys & 4 girls
Montana had 12 shades of red!  8 boys and 4 girls.  She did a wonderful job on her first whelping!  Now it's time for a nap for both of us!
1 week

These sweet puppies have already grown out of collars this week!  I just love their color and look forward to seeing coats and personalities emerge in a few weeks.  
Puppies are 2 weeks old and starting to open eyes and ears now!  They are beginning to push up a little bit on all 4 legs and wobble around.  There will be big changes in their development by next week!
Sweet puppies!  They are starting to make their way around better now up on all four paws and off their tummies!  I doubled the size of their box and put papers in it and they are already starting to use them.  Now that their eyes and ears have opened, this week they'll begin learning recovery after startle to loud abrupt noises.  They'll also begin more alone time with me each day.
white and blue boy
purple and cream boys
green and brown boys
orange and light green girls
light blue and red girls
black and yellow boys
Puppies are 4 weeks old today and really starting to move around now.  They love their food 2 times a day and are beginning to interact with toys and people more in a playful manner.  They went on an outside field trip today and the sun felt so nice!  It was very bright but so good for them.  What an adorable litter of puppies!
white boy                                             blue boy
lt green girl                        yellow boy
orange girl                        purple boy
red girl                                    black boy
turquoise girl                            cream boy
brown boy                                    green boy
white boy                            blue boy
green girl                            yellow boy
orange girl                                    purple boy
red girl                                    black boy
cream boy                            brown boy
grey boy                                        lt. blue girl
These puppies are stinkin cute!  They are playing and growing and eating like champs.  They've been started on clicker training and are responding well.  They have started to use the doggy door just a little...at least a few of them.  It's hard to push so they are learning!
6 weeks
Look at those faces!  In just over a week they'll all be in their forever homes and I'll miss these darling puppies.  They are playful and sweet and have great puppy breath :)   They are doing a great job with the doggy door...still accidents in the box but after you see the  bottom picture you'll know why I'm trying not to use paper now!  They come to me when I call them and they are also enjoying cooling off in the swimming pool in this super hot weather!
white boy                        blue boy
green girl                                yellow boy
orange girl                    purple boy
red girl                                black boy
cream boy                                brown boy
grey boy                                     light blue girl
YEP!!!! I had JUST cleaned it....looks like they had a party!