Double Doodles

Puppies Home mid-June
​6 males 3 females
20-35 pounds


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​or email montanagoldendoodles@gmail.com 

(Deposits can NOT be transferred TO or FROM this litter and another litter on this website)

Bonnie-Double Doodle mom

Eli-Goldendoodle sire

  Puppies are now 4 weeks old. They have begun to explore out side.  Their teeth are coming in and they are loving the first taste of food.

  At 3 weeks puppies are growing so quickly!  They have started to play with each other and I am hearing thier first barks and growls.  So precious! 

 Puppies are now 2 weeks old.  Their dew claws are removed.  Eyes and ears are opening.​​  There is a lot of sleeping and growing happening! 

Tan Boy

Yellow Girl

Brown Boy

Orange Girl

Blue Boy

White Girl

Black Boy

Green Boy

Red boy​

Bonnie safely delievered 9 beautiful puppies!  Everyone is healthy and content. 
Bonnie is getting some much deserved rest.  Love the puppy sounds!