Crissy Lopez
Great Falls MT
Meet the Girls!

Blessed is she who has beleived that what the Lord said to her will be accomplished! 
Luke 1:43-45

~In Loving Memory~

Montana Goldendoodles & Labradoodles
~The Girls~
 FRK'S Montana Goldendoodles Molly
Yellow Lab

Montana Goldendoodles Bela
Standard F1 English Goldendoodle


NAME:  Montana Goldendoodles Reich (Reiche) (Rye Kee)
BREED:  F1 Labraddoodle
DOB:  Aug. 28th, 2011
COAT:  some shedding
SIZE: Standard 22" & 45 lbs
HIPS: Good
ELBOWS: Normal
VwB: Cleared by Parentage

Reiche is such a sweet girl!  She lives in a guardian home with 4 boys.  She loves kids, loves to retrieve, loves to play, loves to be near.  She is happy riding in the car or curling up on someone for a nap.  She has a wonderful disposition and is very mild mannered. Reiche is super eager to please and is very obedient.  Her puppies captivate their families as they carry her gentle  and tender disposition.
Montana Goldendoodles Morgan
Standard F1 Goldendoodle
NAME: Montana Goldendoodles Daisy
BREED: mini F1B Labradoodle
DOB: 11-2013
COLOR: Apricot
COAT: fleece
SIZE: Mini 18 pounds
HIPS: good
ELBOWS: normal
​VwB: cleared by parentage
PRA: cleared by parentage
Daisy lives in a guardian home with her lovely growing family.  They adore her and she brings a chipper and lighthearted energy to their household.  Daisy's natural doodle family-oriented nature is apparent and admired.  She has sweet puppies!
NAME: Montana Goldendoodles Maddie
BREED: mini F1B English Goldendoodle
DOB: 6-3-13
PARENTS: MTG Sailor X MTG Lincoln
COLOR: Apricot
COAT: wavy fleece
SIZE: Mini 13 pounds
HIPS: good
ELBOWS: normal
VwB: cleared by parentage
PRA: cleared by parentage
Maddie lives in a guardian home with a wonderful family! There are 4 kids in her home to play with her and love on her all day long.  They simply treasure her! Her serene beauty and personality coupled with her comical antics keep her family entertained. She has valuable traits and a gorgeous coat to pass on to her puppies!
Montana Goldendoodles Sailor
Medium F1 Goldendoodle
Montana Goldendoodles Maia
Standard F1B Goldendoodle
Tedi is a darling little dog who lives in a guardian home and has become an integral part of their family as they are all simply in love with her. The teenage kids in her family are truly drawn to her and they delight in her calming personality. Her playfulness and spunk are tempered with just the right amount of sweetness and charm.  She has delightful puppies!
NAME: Montana Goldendoodles Teddi
BREED: F1B Labradoodle
PARENTS: MTG Lucy and MTG Lincoln
DOB: 8-13-13
COLOR: Apricot
COAT: curly
SIZE: Mini/Med - 15" tall 22 lbs 
HIP: Good
VwD: Cleared by Parentage
ELBOWS: Normal
PRA: Cleared by Parentage
Montana Goldendoodles Lucy
Medium F1 Labradoodle
Stella is such a gorgeous girl! She has a light red curly non-shedding coat and perfectly represents an English-Australian Double Doodle in looks and personality.  Her playful yet calm temperament is so adored by her wonderful guardian family! Stella's puppies have the gentleness we so desire!
NAME: Montana Goldendoodles Stella
BREED: English-Australian Double Doodle
DOB: 10-22-13
PARENTS: MTG Maia X MTG Primetime Sensational Spitfire 
COLOR: Apricot
COAT: fleece curly-non shedding
SIZE: 28 pounds
HIPS: Good
ELBOWS: normal
PRA: cleared by parentage 
VwB: cleared by parentage
NAME: Montana Goldendoodles Hazel
BREED: Medium F1B Labradoodle
DOB: 3-26-15
PARENTS: MTG Reiche X MTG Lincoln
COLOR: Light Apricot
COAT: wavy, non-shedding
SIZE: 24 pounds
HIPS: Good
ELBOWS: normal
VwB: cleared by parentage
PRCD: Clear
DM: Clear
IC: Clear (F/F)
Hazel lives with us and is my daughter's dog, she is a wonderful mama!  She could not have a better temperament!  She is mellow yet playful, spunky and confident yet eager to please and obedient.  She exudes sweetness and prominently demonstrates the cheerful and irresistible doodle demeanor. She is engaging and oh  how we love her!

NAME: Montana Goldendoodles Montana (Tana) 
BREED: F1B Goldendoodle
DOB: 10-11-10
PARENTS: Yankeedoodle Destiny & Yankeedoodle Geronimo
COAT: Fleece
SIZE: 40 pounds
HIPS: Good
ELBOWS: Normal
vWd: clear
DM: Clear
PRCD: Clear
ICH: Clear
IC: Clear (F/F)

Montana is another new addition to Montana Goldendoodles.  She is a gorgeous Goldendoodle with an ideal temperament who has a highly desireable red fleece coat.  Tana lives in a guardian home with 2 kids and her family is so in love with her.  She adds a kickstart to their mornings and cuddles in the evenings. She is highly intelligent and did a wonderful job with her training.  She greets newcomers with excitement and will be a fantastic mama to her red babies in the future!
Montana Goldendoodles Bess
F1B Goldendoodle
Name: Montana Goldendoodles Bonnie
Breed: Double Doodle
DOB: 6/20/2013
Parents: MTG Bess X Fritz
Color: Apricot
Size: 25lbs
Hips: Fair
VwB: cleared by parentage
PRA: cleared by parentage
Bonnie is a sweet girl. She is always ready to go! She loves her people and enjoys hiking and walking. She is a calm companion that loves to snuggle.  She has nice tempered puppies! 
Name: Montana Goldendoodles Harper
Breed: Double Doodle
DOB: 4/15/15
Parents: Angel's Heavens Glow/Bel Cuore's Emmy 
Color: Chocolate/white parti
Size: 30lbs
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
VwB: Cleared by parentage
IC: f/f (+/+)
DM: Clear
Cardiac: Normal
Eyes: Normal
Patellar: Normal

Harper is a darling girl with an exuberance for life and play.  She is well trained and loves to be with people including kids.  She gets along with all other dogs and absolutely loves to play with them.  Her soft fleece coat draws your attention and desire to love on her. 
Name: Montana Goldendoodles Bella
Breed: Goldendoodle
DOB: 8/2016
Parents: Yankee Doodle Ruby & Yankee Doodle Geronimo
Color: Red
Coat: Fleece
Size: will mature to about 40 pounds
Hips: TBA
Elbows: TBA
VwB: Cleared by parentage
PRA/PRCD: Normal
IC: F/IC Improper coat carrier
DM: Clear
B/b: Carries brown

 Bella is a beautiful red fleece girl with a spectacular temperament.  She lives in a home with children and as they homeschool they are together all day long!  She is doing great with her training and is so loved by her family. 
Lexi is the sweetest dog.  She has an incredibly calm temperament.  She is an F1 Labradoodle who exemplifies her breed.  She lives in a guardian home with young children and is not only tolerant but has a visible desire to be with her kids and adults.  She loves people and dogs!
Name: Montana Goldendoodles Lexi
Breed: F1 Labradoodle
DOB: 3/2013
Color: Light apricot
Coat: wavy
Size: 55 pounds / 23.5 inches
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
VwB: Carrier
PRA/PRCD: Normal
F/IC: Improper coat carrier 
DM: Carrier
IC: Incorrect coat carrier
Cu: Curly carrier

Montana Goldendoodles Cherry Violet Bauregard Multi-gen Labradoodle
Name: Montana Goldendoodles Selah
Breed: Goldendoodle
DOB: 3/27/17
Parents:MTG Montana X Sir Eli of MTG
Color: Red
Coat: Fleece
Size: will mature to about 40 pounds
Hips: TBA
Elbows: TBA
VwB: Cleared by parentage
PRA/PRCD: Parentage
DM: Parentage

Selah lives in a wonderful homeschool family with all her 2 legged siblings!  She is a delight and is doing awesome with her training.  She is a soft sweet girl and we look forward to her watching her grow and mature!
Montana Goldendoodles Suki
F1  Goldendoodle
Name: Montana Goldendoodles Bailey
Breed: F1B Goldendoodle
DOB: 9/16/2017
Parents: MTG Suki & Idaho Jewels Royal Red Cider
Color: Apricot
Coat: Fleece
Size: will mature to about 50 pounds
Hips: TBA
Elbows: TBA
Bailey is a darling dog adored by her family.  She lives in Great Falls with a loving couple.  They dote on her and enjoy her playfulness.  We look forward to Bailey's puppies in the future!